Create Your Health (CYH) is designed to empower you with choices for creating a vibrant life – Body, Mind, Spirit! The featured episodes are designed to introduce you to a particular alternative health practice and demonstrate what a treatment within that practice is like. We are about offering solutions for healing and inspiring you to take responsibility for your life. I was in chronic pain for almost two decades and it wasn’t until I discovered holistic therapies and took charge of my life that I was able to live pain free again – no drugs and no surgeries. I believe in combining Eastern & Western medicine and being open to healing on all levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual)…whatever works for YOU! Take what you like and leave the rest.

Browse through the short video segments and find an alternative health practice that interests you. Watch a healing episode, read a blog, shop in the CYH Store, and visit one of our sponsors or advertisers. Then take charge of your life and find a practitioner in your area that can help you create your health and the life you want…Create Your Health!

50 Episodes
20 Bloggers
3 Monthly Mixers
AND a radio platform

60+ Contributors all sharing their wisdom about healing. To reach us directly e-mail us at Peter@CreateYourHealth.com.


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