March 21st, 2012 by Leyla Ali

This past week I attended a meeting with speaker Marie Anne about Biodecoding, “A New Way to Decode the Meaning of Dis-Ease.”

Biodecoding is a therapeutic tool to more quickly target the core emotion associated with a symptom. I was a little skeptical about going because I had never heard of anything like this before. But I was happy I went and I bought the book to learn more.

German doctor, Dr. R.G. Hamer discovered the biological and emotional origins of cancer and disease after his own diagnosis of testicular cancer. He discovered 5 new laws underlying the root cause of cancer and its spontaneous healing.

Here’s my summary after listening to the presentation.

Diseases are caused by emotions. Specifically, a very precise emotional conflict which is serious, painful, and takes the person off guard and into shock. Exceptions include malnutrition, poisoning and shock.

Target-shaped rings appear on a brain CT-scan after a trauma. The location of the rings on the brain scan is determined by how the person perceives their traumatic situation. From the location of those rings the organ affected can be determined.

The organ affected is directly associated with the emotional conflict. The example given was from Dr. Hamer’s own experience of experiencing testicular cancer following the death of his son.

Disease develops in two distinct phases: the active (cancer) phase, and the resolution / repair phase. During the active phase there is growth and more cells and more oxygen. During the repair phase there is ulceration and necrosis (cell loss).

The body is always working to ensure survival. It is always working in our favor.

When cancer appears on the body, there is growth of abnormal cells in the body. The purpose is to improve biological functioning and heal the body. In the case of lung cancer, the extra cells are allowing the body to receive more oxygen. When the cells are first growing the person feels energized and good.

The body will naturally destroy the extra cells, which will then cause the patient to feel sick.
Microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc all play a key role in the balance of our external and internal eco-system.

The natural process is for a tumor to completely deconstruct and dissolve after a healing.

However, often the body has lost some of the microbes necessary to complete the job, and the tumor will remain.

If a doctor discovers a tumor at this stage, it will be determined that it is “benign”.

This means that diseases are not here to bother or kill us but rather they are here to improve our biological functioning to increase our chance to survive.

Final thoughts from their website:

“The fifth law allows us to make peace with cancer and all diseases. In the light of this discovery, it is clear that illness is a beneficial and peaceful process that needs to be understood and respected. Biology is simple and logical. Biology has only ONE program : LIFE. It executes the life-program relentlessly every second of our life since the day we were born.”

Great information!


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