On these pages you’ll find healing solutions! Our bloggers offer advice, experience, and thought provoking commentary on everything from growing your business to raising your children. We have nutritional experts, foodies, energy healers, hypnotherapists, holistic business coaches, doulas, etc. all here to provide you with holistic choices for creating a vibrant life – Body, Mind, Spirit. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment (WE LOVE hearing from you) and thanks for being part of CYH!

Peter Bedard

Peter Bedard is the host and producer of Create Your Health (CYH) and a hypnotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. He created CYH as an outlet for his own healing (Peter has healed himself of Fibromyalgia,… [ More → ]

Elizabeth Menzel

Join Elizabeth in exploring how perspective, humor, and energy awareness can help heal even your toughest relationships. It doesn’t have to take a lot of work to heal, it just takes willingness, and Elizabet… [ More → ]

Suzane Northrop

Death is a natural part of life, and one that all of us will be touched by in our lives. But the truth is that love never dies! Learn the ways how you can begin to heal from the loss of loves ones and even continue to connect wi… [ More → ]

Frank Tortorici

Frank will introduce you to realistic approaches to health and wellness through quick & easy “how to’s”. Including everything from vital foods, supplements and herbs to listings of curre… [ More → ]

Multiple Authors

Birth and Baby is the collaborative knowledge and inspiration of 4 women healers. Our vision is to educate, connect with and empower women, mothers and mothers-to-be on a conscious, natural journey through body, m… [ More → ]

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is an Astrologer living in Southern California. She specializes in career,  financial, and love advice using astrology as her guide. Stephanie has been a guest on CYH and you can watch her in action a… [ More → ]

Mark Darren Gregor

Discover how to create the life, career and business you’ve always dreamed of. Through insightful perspective on every day life as an entrepreneur himself, Mark shares the tools, tips and practices that wil… [ More → ]

Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer (author of Pay Me What I’m Worth) retired over 115 pounds in 2004. Join us to discover how YOU can do two things at once! 1: retire (versus loose) unhealthy weight. 2) upgrade your worth in many ways. &… [ More → ]

Vinca Von Muhelenberg

Monday’s Money & Marketing Madness with Vinca Heart. Crack Your Money Code and Attract High End Clients       About Vinca Heart Vinca is renowned as “The Super Woman With a Heart” specific… [ More → ]

Holly Gonzalez

In this blog, Holly Gonzalez, a healthy living and natural weight loss expert shares her best tips and tools for living a healthier, more vibrant life. Through Holly’s writings you will receive simple, pract… [ More → ]

Sharita Star

It’s no secret that our awareness of body, mind, and spirit are important to align for a well-balanced life. Sharita Star captures the essence of being in-tune with the wisdoms of Astrology, Numerology, and Lexigra… [ More → ]

Barbara Shiffman

Enjoy your Life and Evolve your Soul with new tools and resources for conscious evolution!  Since everything is made of up of connected energy, healing at the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels enhan… [ More → ]

Camille Leon

Camille writes from a business perspective on how to build a holistic business with strength and integrity. She comes to the Holistic world through a personal passion for healing and a true desire to help wellness pr… [ More → ]

Thea Pueschel

Stress and anxiety are unavoidable in our society. Thea will guide you through suggestions and reflections to assist you in improving your own reactions to stress and anxiety triggers.       ABOUT T… [ More → ]

Carmen Leilani De Jesus

Join Carmen as she applies her experience as a hypnotherapist, single mother and former dominatrix to exploring healthy, conscious perspectives and practices of sexuality, motherhood and being a kickass mod… [ More → ]

Jodi Rosner

Jodi Rosner utilizes an ancient practice of sitting in a circle and sharing stories to facilitate open and honest communication in workplaces, schools and community groups.  Non-judgmental listening is integra… [ More → ]

Barbara Hyman

Barbara is an energy healer with over 20 years of experience in the world of esoteric healing. In her blog she shares that wisdom and witness of being a conduit for energetic healing from Shamanism to Theta Healing and… [ More → ]

Dr. Leyla Ali

ABOUT DR. LEYLA ALI Dr. Ali is a pharmacist and author. She was also the co-producer for the CYH Alternative Health Mixer in Long Beach, CA which introduced people to the various alternative and natural healthcare op… [ More → ]

Dr. Beth Golden

Relationship Expert Dr. Beth Golden shares with you the tried and true (and new!) perspective in building healthy, sustainable relationships with significant others, business partners and most importantly, yo… [ More → ]

Laura Richter

Laura is a foodie who writes about her experiences losing weight and her passion for food! She loves sharing recipes and fun food facts.     ABOUT LAURA RICHTER Laura is a feature film writer and a true foodi… [ More → ]

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