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Camille writes from a business perspective on how to build a holistic business with strength and integrity. She comes to the Holistic world through a personal passion for healing and a true desire to help wellness professionals succeed in building their business.



Camille Leon is the Executive Director of the national Holistic Chamber of Commerce, representing holistic products, services, and solutions for healthy people on a healthy planet. She is also co-author of “THE EXHILARATION EFFECT: Building the Courage to Take Your Leap of Faith.” (www.ExhilarationEffect.com). (310) 490-6862Camille@TheHolisticChamberOfCommerce.com.


Desperately Seeking Balance!

Alright, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen… Let’s massage the details a little more…

I’m sitting at my desk, considering how to better promote holistic professionals and practitioners. How do I take care of myself, help you take care of…

Collaborating with Competitors?!

Have you ever been sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on something yummy, enjoying the peaceful moment and noticed a competing coffee shop just across the street? I did that just the other day and it was quite an ‘aha’…

~Your bridge to new solutions~

So, what do you do?

I often get asked what type of “healer” I am and why I started the national Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC)… Actually, I’m not a healer, unless you consider encouraging and promoting holistic professionals and…

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