Are you looking for a holistic solution to healing? Want to find an alternative to drugs and surgery? Well, that’s exactly what CYH is all about and you get to do that in person at our monthly networking mixers! If you’re a healing practitioner then this is the place to come and network with other practitioners, build relationships, and share what you do. It’s all about creating a loving and sharing community focused on the common desire to heal and bring wellness and holistic options for healing to a larger audience on a personal level.

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Got Anxiety? Healing Anxiety Workshop with Peter Bedard
Got Anxiety?

Heal your anxiety...NOW!

Got Anxiety? This workshop is about learning several processes for releasing anxiety. So many times the things we feel anxious about turn into issues we need to medicate. Whether it is drug addiction, clinical stress, depression, or even physical pain the core for a good deal of the discontent we feel is anxiety.

You know how anxiety, stress, and worry can sometimes dominate our lives. We feel it in our bones…in our hearts. As someone who has come through major health and emotional crisis I have a tried and true process for creating wellness that will help you heal without the fear of living in the pain of anxiousness for the rest of your life.

$10 donation
Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht. is a staff therapist specializing in addiction issues, compulsion, and anxiety. He will share from his own life as well as years of experience working with hundreds of people in helping them discover their own personal path to healing with great success. To learn more about Peter go to - http://createyourhealth.com/about/peterbedard/

Spell Casting Workshop with Witch Patti Negri

Patti Negri

Spell Casting with the enchanting Patti Negri

Learn to cast your own gratitude Spell!

April 25th, 2013

7:30 pm – 9:00pm

$20 Donation (Directly to Patti)

RSVP Required (Please send me an email if you’re coming – Peter@CreateYourHealth.com)

Meet the amazing Patti Negri

This Thursday, March 25th, 2013, the fabulous and beguiling Patti Negri will be at CYH Teas sharing her magical ways. Patti will teach us how to cast a Gratitude Spell for abundance, love, and prosperity! As well as introduced us to the art of Spells.

There are so many amazing ways in this world to create wellness and Patti will introduce us to the process for casting spells and connecting with Universal energy.

Patti is a powerful witch who works with the elements, nature, white light, and lots of love. This is a workshop to NOT be missed!