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CYH Teas - 121 W. 5th Street, LA, CA 90013

CYH Teas - 121 W. 5th Street, LA, CA 90013 323.889.9873 11-7pm M-Sat, 12-5pm Sundays

NEW Store location! Just in case you’re local and want to stop by! Visit us at 121 W. 5th Street, LA, CA 90013!

Welcome to our Healing Teas & Herbs shop! We’ve done a lot of research and created several healing tea blends all designed to help you heal, feel better, and create a happier/healthier life. Each blend is carefully crafted to give you healing results and boost your general health with an average of seven different ingredients all blended together and sold by the ounce. We also offer a great selection of Black, Green, White, Red and Herbal Teas from all over the world and we’ve specifically chosen the best ones on our list. Last, we have a large selection of different herbs from leaves, flowers, roots, barks, seeds, berries etc. that we carry to bring back the awareness of the benefits of herbs and make room for a natural healing alternative to people.

We strive to give you high quality healing blends, teas, and herbs to help you create the life you want!

Feel good and go Create Your Health!
~ Peter

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