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Rolfing with Serafina

I’ve been trying to see different holistic practitioners to learn about what kind of conditions they treat and how they treat them. Fortunately, I often seem to have some issue that the alternative healthcare practitioner can work with and I can see some…

Some Lessons Learned Part 2

In the past few years, I’ve been focusing on talking to people who only know of western medicine, and would like to learn about alternative healthcare. I’ve spent some time learning about what works, what people

Some Lessons Learned Part 1

After working in pharmacies for the past almost 20 years, I understand that most of our society expects healthcare from doctors and drugs. Noticing the number of pharmacies that exist, in some cities there’s often several

Cancer – Western Medicine vs. Alternative Treatments


Western Medicine:  From  “Cancer, also called malignancy, is characterized by an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer,

Live Blood Cell Analysis with Holistic Health Practitioner Storm Cole

She takes a sample of blood from your finger, puts it on a slide to look under a microscope. From there she can view your blood cells and you can follow along and see what she’s


I just went to Alfonso De Rose’s three day seminar about Faith.

I’ve known Alfonso for about 6 years. A former Italian bodybuilding champion,  he is now a  a hypnotherapist and a Master NLP

Healthcare Reform

Obama is talking about getting healthcare to everyone in the United States. That is indeed a noble and grandiose idea. I mean everyone deserves to be treated from an emergency car wreck, or unanticipated

Western Treatments vs. Alternative Therapies

Usually we hear stories about people who come from the third world countries to get some cutting edge medical treatment that is not offered anywhere near their countries. We don’t often get to hear about the

My Wrist

Working as a pharmacist and twisting bottle caps for these years, as well as being on the computer too much, well my wrist is old beyond it’s years. It’s sore, tired, spent. Sometimes it gets so

Seven Planes of Existence

There are so many types of alternative health, from Crystals to Accupressure to Theta Healing to Emotional Freedom Technique, it can be overwhelming. So how do you start to sort through all these types of healing

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