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Quantum-Theta Healing as Preventive Medicine

Over 100,000 people die in the US alone from taking medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. They should probably be a last resort instead of a first resort.

In person one-on-one, distant healing, SKYPE sessions and phone sessions are all

My First Quantum-Theta Experience

I remember what I would  call, my first Quantum-Theta experience.

I was sitting in my car, a convertible, in a parking lot, having vowed to finally finish the last chapter of Autobiography of a Yogi. I had dragged out finishing…

How Powerful are Our Thoughts?

I think one good question about Quantum-Theta Healing is, do you have to believe in it for it to work? Will it work for a skeptic as well as it will for a believer?

Where consciousness goes, energy flows. So,…

The Nature of Quantum-Theta Healing

I used to believe that you could eat healthy, exercise, and stay away from carcinogens as best you can, but, if you got sick, were diagnosed with cancer for instance, there was nothing you could do. You’d have to submit…

The Nature of Quantum-Theta Healing

When I first encountered the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork, I didn’t really know the nature of it. I noticed after the work that my life was different, my reactions and responses were different, but it took a while to understand…


Dr. Sergei Shaginyan

Dowsing (radioestesia) is an ancient art form dating back at least 7000 years and is still used today in many cultures. It has enjoyed a resurgence for anything from finding unmarked graves to diagnosing illness, and identifying…

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