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The Art of Exercising and Beyond®

Susan Lynn Bragg

A joy to execute, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a cutting-edge exercise system made up of beautiful spiraling movements that gently release restrictions in the body while simultaneously increasing strength and…

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Laurie Searle

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow Yoga is quite simply linking breath with movement. It is meant to stretch and strengthen muscles while balancing and calming the mind. Traditional yoga poses are used with breath and intention being the foundations of the…


Dr. Marc Darrow, MD, JD

The term “Prolotherapy” is short for “proliferation therapy.”

Proliferation, of course, means “rapid production.” What Prolotherapy rapidly and naturally stimulates is the production of collagen and cartilage. Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein in…

Super Slow Exercise Training

McKerrin Kelly

SuperSlow is a method of exercise that emphasizes slow speed, intensity, focus on form and working to muscle failure in order to give the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time. When done properly, you get…

Ayurvedic Medicine

Andrew Leavenworth, B.A. Child Development, M.S. Ayurveda, M.S. Homeopathy

Ayurveda means “knowledge of life” and it is an ancient “science of living” that originated in India for balancing body, mind and spirit. The supreme emphasis of Ayurveda is prevention of…

Flower Essences

Joanne Cohen

Herbal Medicine is a system of healing that has been used since the beginning of time. What is greater than using the plants that grow in our own environment to help us heal; the plants that need us…

Yuen Energetics

Elma Mayer
MA Certified Yuen Method Practitioner and Instructor


The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics is a powerful energetic healing technique. Developed by Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen, DC. It blends ancient principles with advanced energetics or…

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