Where Does Your Soul Live?

September 9th, 2011 by Barbara Schiffman

Our eyes are often called the “windows” of our Soul.  This sounds as if our Souls can be seen by looking into our eyes.  But it also implies that our Souls live behind our eyes and are watching the world around us through them.

If so, do our Souls live in our brains?  Neuroscientists seem to think so.  Some scientific thinkers have written that human brain chemistry and synapses generate our sense of God or the Divine.  In his 2005 book “The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into Our Genes,” Dean Hamer explored how our brain chemistry is stimulated by monoamine neurotransmitters associated with “mystic” or spiritual experiences, especially self-transcendence and an openness to “believe things that are not literally provable.” 

Some scientists and many metaphysicians consider our brains as receiving devices for the “collective consciousness” — which I believe includes the Akashic Records in general and your personal Records in particular.  Taking this approach, the Soul is the “sender” of whatever our eyes are seeing and our brain is receiving.

But where does your Soul — and our collective Whole Sole — reside?  We can’t see, feel or measure it — although Dr. Duncan MacDougall is credited with studying this issue in 1901.  He weighed 5 terminally ill patients just before and just after they died, then concluded that they each weighed 21 grams less after they’d stopped breathing.

So the Soul may have weight, it may generate brainwaves which give humans mystical tendencies.  But where does it live?  We see its effects not only in our bodies and minds but also in collective energetic wavelengths through studies of the effects of thoughts and feelings via groups like the Global Coherence Initiative and the Resonance Project.  Both recorded a massive shift in energy around the world surrounding the events of 9/11/2001, for example.

To me, our Soul exists within us and all around us.  It resonates through our 5 senses as well as our 6th-plus senses that extend beyond the physical.  It is what we think, say, do and feel every moment — and what remains active when our bodies stop breathing.  It is the Divine Spark that expresses through our bodies and our lives, allowing God (however we each imagine that to be) to enjoy life through us.

Where do you think your Soul lives?  How do you feel or sense your Soul?  How does your Soul communicate with and through you?  I’d like to know.

Add your comments below, and let’s explore where our Souls live so we can tune into them more effectively, directly and Divinely!


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