Yoni Egg Practice (Part 1)

June 10th, 2011 by Jennifer Haddad

Next, we explore the Yoni Egg. The yoni egg is a small egg-shaped device, varying in size, made out of various forms of crystals—more commonly jade, also in obsidian or rose quartz. The egg magnifies the yoni practices in numerous ways. It adds weight to your pelvic floor. Just as you would increase the weight of dumbbells at the gym, you need to increase the weight for your yoni muscles. By integrating the element of jade, which carries profound healing qualities, we now invite those powerful qualities of deep healing into your deepest center and Self. The egg not only takes your practice to the next level, but actually has the power to erase patterns of infection, or painful and abusive energetic signatures held deep within the cellular tissues of the reproductive organs. Overtime, the egg practice repatterns your yoni energy from toxic to healing love signatures.   

There are 2 steps before beginning your egg practice. First, cleanse your egg, it must be cleared of any energy it holds that does not serve you. You can do this in a variety of ways: soaking your egg in sea salt; using smudging techniques you may know; leaving it in the sunshine or moonlight for 48 hours; burying it in the soil for 48 hours. Next, communicate with your body and wait for permission to insert the egg. The egg can activate a sense of deep intimacy and vulnerability, and has the potential to surface memories and residual “stuff” that calls for healing. Be gentle with yourself, and only move forward when you feel comfortable.

 Next, give yourself a yoni massage to create light lubrication for easy placement. Yoni massage also starts the flow of sexual energy which is imperative to sexual healing and alchemy. Once your yoni is juicy, stand in horsewoman stance (feet hip-width apart rooted on the ground, knees slightly bent, spine erect), and gently place the egg in your vagina. Keep in mind, you will have to keep your yoni closed and tight and wear panties to ensure your egg doesn’t fall out (and break). You can stand, lay on your back, or even walk around with the egg in. Spend some time getting used to the egg inside you. Stay aware and notice any sensations or emotions that arise. 

A few notes:

1)      Do not use the yoni egg if you are currently pregnant. The egg practice is for women who are not pregnant, who want to increase their fertility, and who are recovering from pregnancy.

2)      Before placing your egg, be sure to wash your hands.

3)      Contact me to learn about purchasing an egg that’s right for you (size and stone). 

Tune in next week for the next steps of the egg practice.



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