Your Relationship with Weight Loss

September 15th, 2011 by Elizabeth Menzel

Dig this; if the energy we are made of is infinite, then nothing can be added to or subtracted from it; therefore nothing can be lost. When you tell your body to lose weight, your inner wisdom says, “It’s impossible to lose anything, so we’re not doing that.” Then you feel frustrated, angry, & depressed for not losing the weight. Plus you can get stuck in a cycle of deprivation and overindulgence, which causes more conflict, which causes your body to hold on to unwanted pounds.

The good news is that since nothing can be lost, there can only be energy moving and changing form. There can only be transformation. Saying, “I want my body to transform fat into lean healthy muscles and vital energy.” is in alignment with the infinite energy we are made of and does not set up a conflict with our inner wisdom.

Many people on this site can help you take safe and effective action towards improving your health and fitness goals. In addition, try replacing the thought, “I have to loose weight” with the statement, “I transform fat into healthy lean muscles and vital energy.” for a week. Let me know how it goes!

If you struggle with food, there is real help to be had. I’ve been co-creating a book and programs with eating disorder specialist Isabelle Tierney and now we want to co-create it with you! Contact me to find out how. In the mean time:

9 Surefire Ways to Transform Your Body:

1. Delight in eating healthy organic whole delicious nutritious food. Yum!
2. Get a food allergy test. My mom transformed 30 pounds just from eliminating foods she had sensitivities and allergies to.
3. Have fun moving your body! The more you move, the more you want to move.
4. Joyful movement creates endorphins, the feel good hormones. So you will actually feel happier by shaking your booty.
5. Caring for your body releases stagnant emotional energy, which improves your self-esteem, which makes you want to continue to take good care of yourself. It’s a virtuous circle!
6. Give thanks many times a day for all of the things your body does right. “Thank you G.I. Tract for digesting my dinner. Thank you respiratory system for changing Oxygen into Carbon dioxide. Thank you elbows for bending. Thank you voice for speaking.”
7. Invite friends to join and motivate you. Work out together + cook together = have more fun.
8. Find things about your body that you DO like and speak them out loud. “I like my blue eyes.” “My big feet help me to stay grounded.”
9. Make joyful eating, moving, and caring for yourself your normal way of life.

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